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With a rich heritage of nurturing talent and a commitment to providing exceptional music education and piano instruction, I am dedicated to helping students of all ages and levels unlock their musical potential.

Meet The Instructor

Athena Murray is a talented and versatile instructor that brings her expertise in piano teaching to create a personalized and inclusive learning environment. Athena is dedicated to helping students achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

"At Ocean Park Piano, I believe in a holistic teaching approach that combines technical mastery, artistic interpretation, and a deep appreciation for music. Through my unique methods, I inspire students to develop their musicality, foster creativity, and build a lifelong love for music.

At Ocean Park Piano, I create a supportive and engaging atmosphere where every student can thrive."

Experience Excellence at Ocean Park Piano

Performance Opportunities: Showcase your talents and gain valuable performance experience through our regular recitals, studio classes, participation in piano festivals, and Royal Conservatory of Music exam preparation.

Customized Lesson Plans: Each student receives personalized attention and a tailored curriculum to meet their unique goals and aspirations.

Guest Artists and Masterclasses: Learn from acclaimed musicians and gain insights into their artistry through our exclusive guest artist sessions.

Course Offerings

Explore Our Diverse Classes


From beginner to advanced, our piano lessons cater to students of all levels. Master technique, musical expression, and repertoire with our experienced instructor.

Music Theory

Dive into the intricacies of music theory with our comprehensive courses. Develop a strong foundation and gain a deeper understanding of music's inner workings.

Music History

Through the study of composer’s lives and musical styles, and exposure to genres and terms that help to build a musical vocabulary, students become more musically literate and gain an increased awareness of music as a living art.

Stay Tuned for Our Exciting Events

Competitions: Test your skills and showcase your talent in friendly competitions that foster growth and camaraderie.

Studio Classes: Join us for engaging studio classes that cover a range of musical topics and allow students to explore the art of performance in a supportive, small group setting.

Concerts: Immerse yourself in captivating performances by our talented students and guest artists.

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